Marine honors military with four-hour salute; bikers pay their tribute back

He shows incredible devotion and discipline. What a man!


We, as a nation, always make sure we pay our tributes and respect to those who sacrificed their lives for the country. But that feeling of patriotism and the desire to show our appreciation for the fallen soldiers grows bigger on Memorial Day.

Rolling Thunder/Ride for Freedom has been held in Washington, DC, to raise awareness of the Prisoners of War–Missing in Action of all wars and it’s happening ever since it first took place back in 1988.

United States Marine Corps Veteran Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers takes part in the Rolling Thunder in a very unique way; by standing at attention for hours. This brave man is filmed doing that even while his wrist was broken in 2013. The bikers zipped and passed around him and he felt honored to be standing there. Now everyone recognizes Sgt. Chamber as the Saluting Marine.


He stands with boots, a rifle, flack jacket, and Kevlar displayed at his feet. Families of fallen soldiers appreciate his act and they even donate personal military items of their loved ones to Sgt. Chambers.

To be part of the Rolling Thunder is an incredible experience.

“Try standing at Salute for more than ten minutes…..this Marine does it for hours…incredible devotion and discipline. One hell of a man,” one person wrote. Honestly, we can’t agree more.
Among the bikers who salute him back was a female soldier who took her time to stop and pay her respects for what the Saluting Marine does. Take a look at the video below, it’s truly awesome.