Man survives three days trapped inside a capsized boat at the bottom of the ocean before divers come to his rescue

Is this the most incredible rescue story ever!?


This is probably one of the most incredible rescue stories you will ever hear. It involves a shipwreck and a man who managed to survive for three whole days at the bottom of the ocean. Yes, you’ve read that right, and here are the details.

A tugboat sank as it was trying to pull an oil-tanker off the Nigerian cost. As most of the members were left trapped inside their rooms, the cook, Harrison Okene, was inside the bathroom the moment a gigantic wave capsized the small boat.

Source: Raw Pixel – NASA

Okene was able to find an air pocket at the engineers office and stayed there, hoping someone could rescue him before it was too late.

During those three days, Okene went through an ordeal. As he was waiting for a miracle to happen, he heard a strange noise. Unfortunately, it was the sound of sharks tearing the flash off the bones of his crew-mates’ bodies. He was praying those creatures don’t get near him, and soon after, he could hear them swimming away.

Okene found two flashlights, a vest, and a bottle of coke, but still, it couldn’t help him get anywhere. He then built a small platform out of a mattress to avoid getting hypothermia.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Associated Press

When Okene heard sounds again, he was certain the sharks came back for him and he knew he couldn’t fight them, but then, he felt a human hand touching his. It was one of the divers who were in the process of recovering the bodies of Okene’s friends. They could never imagine there was someone who survived the shipwreck.

Luckily, they could get near Okene to give him some water and diving apparatus. Soon, Okene was led to the rescue team’s decompression chamber.

Finally, after three long days and against all odds, Okene stepped on ground.

His survival story was out and impressed millions of people who were left stunned and shocked. Many couldn’t help but comment how lucky he was for getting a chance to be alive.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Associated Press

For more on this miraculous story, check out the video below.