Man sneaks up to a stranger’s door stealing his package, just 40 seconds in, he gets his payback

Well deserved, don't you think so?


There are lots of people who just can’t wait for their online orders to appear on their doorstep. And then, after all the waiting, the package somehow ends up in the hands of thieves. No one really wants to experience this, but the fact is that it happens more often that you can imagine. 

Now, if you think you can’t do anything to prevent these criminals from stealing your packages, just wait to see the revenge YouTube prankster Tom Mabe prepared for one of them. If you’ve ever heard of the saying “revenge is sweet” let us tell you that this one includes some dog poop. 

Tom created a “bait box” that he filled with feces, and all he had to do was wait for the thief to take a notice of the box placed in front of his place.

When they saw someone driving back and forth the place in a suspicious manner, Tom and his crew knew some good laughing was just around the corner, or better said 40 seconds after the man in white touched the box. That’s how long it took for the package to explode. 

This should teach him a lesson, don’t you think so?