Man noticed two legs stuck in the metal bars, pulled over to help the poor animal

But something was wrong. In the middle of the net, he saw two feet sticking out from the metal bars.


Most animals are curious by nature and that curiosity can easily lead them to trouble. Luckily, there are plenty of humans who would go above and beyond to help any animal in need.

One man from Australia was about to drive over a cattle guard when he noticed something was stuck between the metal bars.

The cattle guards are roadblocks installed on roads in order to prevent the cattle from leaving the grazing areas and crossing the road, but that certainly didn’t prevent one young kangaroo from jumping over the bars. The poor animal didn’t know that it could easily fall through the metal bars and found itself stuck and unable to move.

Source: YouTube/ Jukin Media

The man who noticed the poor animal decided to pull over and help it get out.

Well, kangaroos are wild animals so getting close to them might not be the cleverest idea, but no matter the possible consequences, this good Samaritan couldn’t leave the kangaroo trapped.

The rescue wasn’t an easy one. On the contrary, it was a bit dramatic, but it ended up with the animal getting released.

Being seen more than 2 million times, the video of the rescue is something you don’t want to miss. Check it out below!

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