Man Died of Coronavirus, Wife Wept for Help as She Was Quarantined With His Dead Body for 30 Hours

She cried for help from her balcony but couldn't get any as they were following a security protocol.


Since the World Health Organization declared the Covid 19 as a pandemic, the number of people affected by the virus causing it increases on a daily basis and no country is spared. The death toll goes up with each passing day, whole countries are on lockdown, and people fear for their life and the lives of their loved ones. 

And as much as we are all highly disturbed by the mass panic that caught with the whole world, horrific stories like the one of an Italian woman whose name hasn’t been revealed reminds us of the severity of the situation. 

According to Fox 8 News, the woman’s husband was tested positive for the virus but refused to be hospitalized. He passed away on March 9, 2020 in his apartment located in the northwestern coastal province of Borghetto Santo Spirito, west of Genoa. Authorities were able to answer his wife’s pleas for help on Wednesday, two days later. Sadly, she couldn’t get any help earlier than that because of the restrictions and nationwide shutdown, so she was forced to spend 30 hours with his dead body, with no one by her side to comfort her. 

It was reported how the helpless woman was seen crying and screaming for help from her balcony. 

“Right now the most important thing is to think about this lady, alone with the body of her husband,” a neighbor told IVG.IT, as quoted by Mirror. “No one can come close to help her nor comfort her. We hope this is quickly resolved. Our thoughts are with her and on what she is living through.”

When asked for a comment on the case, the mayor of Borghetto Santo Spirito, Giancarlo Canepa told CNN, “Yes, it is true she is still there with the body and we won’t be able to remove it until Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, we have a security protocol we must follow.”

The mayor added how this ordeal could have been avoided if the man accepted to be taken to hospital when his test results came positive.

When help finally arrived, his dead body was taken to Milan for an autopsy. The whole experience affected the wife deeply, so she’s currently getting psychological help. 


Many countries are doing their best to fight this virus that’s spreading further and further. Schools have been locked around Europe and the U.S. and people are asked to follow recommendations that would help overcome the situation as soon as possible.