Man brought his dad to a care facility – His 5-year-old son greeted him at the door and asked him a question that left him speechless

The man took his father to a nursing home. When he returned home, his 5-year-old son asked him a question that left him speechless.


The best way to raise your children into good people who would know to distinguish right from wrong is by constantly displaying virtuous activity yourself while they grow up. The truth is that no matter what you teach kids using words, they would always do what they see you doing.

The way you treat your parents when they get older is likely how you will be treated by your children when you get old.

One man decided he could no longer take care of his elderly father, so he decided to place him at a nursing facility against his will. The man wasn’t happy he was leaving the house, especially because he was still able to do most of the everyday things by himself. He rarely needed assistance and wasn’t asking for much, but still, his son believed he belonged to a facility.

When he left his father at the nursing home, the man returned to his house and saw his 5-year-old son waiting for him at the door.

The little one was eager to ask a question, so the moment he spotted his dad entering the place, he uttered, “Did you write down the address where you took my grandfather?”

The man answered, “Why, do you want to visit him?”

The boy then replied, “I need to know where to take you when you get old too.”

The man couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He realized that with his act, he set an example for his child and knew he could be treated the same in the future.

Children always learn by setting examples, that is why we should provide them with the best ones there are and teach them that the elderly are very important part of our life, and that we should treat them as such.

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