Madonna, 63, poses topless and fans say she ‘doesn’t look like the same person’

"She's ageing backwards."


Madonna, the queen of pop, never fails to stun her fans, both with her music and her eccentric looks. What many find rather strange is that as time passes by, she appears more attractive and even younger than before. Her Instagram photos always cause stir on social media because she looks as someone in their thirties despite reaching 63.

Recently, she shared some headshots on Instagram and turned heads. She’s wearing some chunky necklaces and has her breasts covered with her long blonde hair. She captioned the photos, “Breathwork…….. #gang-gang and yea Sasha is always reliable!”

Source: Instagram

Her fans couldn’t help but share what they think of the diva. While they were stunned with her youthful appearance, they still felt a bit unsettled, to say the least. As she definitely defies her age with her flawless skin free of any wrinkles and crinkles, many claim she doesn’t even look like older herself any longer. What’s most, they compare her to Kim Kardashian and claim she uses filter and botox way more than she should.

“She doesn’t even look like the same person.. way too much work done on her face.” wrote one person.

“Clearly some kind of “work” been done but not breath work lol.” wrote another.

“Omg now even Madonna looks like a Kardashian.” said a third.

Source: Instagram

There were those who said Madonna is “aging backwards,” and she sure appears to be doing that, although that’s all thanks to plastic surgeries and makeup.

Before these photos that had eyebrows raised, the queen of pop shared similar photos and wrote, Why do I have to explain everything.” 

No matter what she does, one thing is certain, Madonna looks absolutely flawless.

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