How would a very young kid learn all about responsibility and taking care of someone if they don’t get to grow around a dog? And yes, despite what some people might say, getting a dog is the best thing one can do for their children.

Scarley is a young lady whose best friend is the Pit Bull Lebowski. The two are inseparable and spend each minute of their days together. Scarley loves singing to her furry pal and just recently, one of her performances was caught on tape and uploaded on Instagram. Needless to say, thousands saw the little girl belting the lyrics of the song You’ve Got a Friend in Me to the pooch and they all love it.


In fact, this isn’t the first time for this duo to catch the attention of the number of followers they have on the social media. Scarley’s mom shares a lot of cute photos of her daughter and Lebowski and they not only make people’s days, but also help fight the stereotypes surrounding this dog’s breed.


Take a look at Scarley and Lebowski in the video below. Cute beyond words, don’t you agree?