Little girl is “dancing like nobody’s watching” after her mom tells her not to run at the store

This has to be the cutest thing you'll see today.


Little children throwing tantrums in public is a sight that we witness too often nowadays. I guess that when we were kids ourselves, we were more obedient and somewhat more afraid of our parents than children are nowadays. The reason why is that most parents spoil their little ones rotten and fulfill their every wish, so the youngsters are simply used to getting things whenever they want that.

Some children, however, don’t cry and scream when they want things to be done their way, but find ways of playing around with their moms and dads. Well, just like this cutie pie in the video below.

Zoe and her mom are at the store when she starts running. Her mom then shouts, “No running, no running,” and it takes around 30 seconds for Zoe to come up with a strategy. So, instead of running, she decides to dance as she walks.

The video of Zoe has been seen over 6 million times and people say things like: “What a great listener! No tantrums or running faster…she walked while dancing and looked like she was just happy.”

This little girl thought out of the box and showed incredible intelligence. And yes, she made us all laugh.