Kids And Parents Perform Epic Dance Routine After Weeks Of Practicing

I loved every single second of this. Just wait until you see mom for yourself.


Phil Wright is a famous name in the world of music and choreography. This immensely talented man has been working with some of the most famous celebrities such as Will Smith, Chayanne, Nicki Minaj and Pitbull, but now he is here to do something a bit different.

He came up with an exciting idea of creating dance classes for parents and children, and although he wasn’t sure whether it would work or not, he decided to give it a go. Having in mind that many parents are taking some time for themselves while the kids are taking classes, Phil wasn’t sure if the parents will be willing to spend that time dancing along their kids. But it turned out they didn’t only want that, but were actually thrilled and eager to push that interesting idea forward.


Phil’s taught dancing before, and was part of facilities like Millennium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, IDA Dance Academy and Abby Lee Dance Studio.

Dancing and choreography are Phil’s passion and his greatest wish is to spread it to as many people he can.


The parents and the children are dancing to a unique choreography on the famous song of Earth, Wind & Fire, “Let’s Groove,” and no one could imagine it would turn into one of the most impressive performances we’ve ever seen.

Every move they make is simply flawless. Their frisky dancing along with the little sass they add is mesmerizing. It’s clear it took time for this routine to be practiced at this level of perfection, but it was worth it.

Phil was more than proud of the parents and the children who went against their teenage instinct to buck at every turn.


Take a peek at this awesome family-friendly dance routine below. You are going to love it, that’s for sure!