Kate Middleton sent ‘beautiful’ letter from hospital bed to support grieving widow

Kate Middleton sent 'beautiful' letter from hospital bed to support grieving widow.


Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales is a much-loved member of the British royalty. Over the years, she showed that despite her title, she’s very grounded, sympathetic, and always there for her people.

That is the reason why many Britons showed their concern and sent their well-wishes when her planned abdominal surgery was announced.

Although the Palace issued a statement regarding the surgery and revealed it would be performed at the renowned London Clinic, no further details have been revealed so far. As expected, it triggered plenty of rumors and people couldn’t help but wonder if anything more serious was in question. Kate’s hospital stay of two weeks added to the concerns because many believed it was a long stay.

Luckily, Kate is now home where she takes her time to recuperate. She’s at Adelaide Cottage at the Windsor grounds where she and William moved in recently.

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The place, which was built in 1831 for Queen Adelaide, the wife of King William IV, has a long royal history.

Many royals resided there over the years, and the Adelaide Cottage went under complete renovation in 2015.

It is said that before ended up living at Frogmore Cottage while residing in Britain, Harry and Meghan also considered choosing Adelaide Cottage as their home.

According to royal reporter Victoria Murphy, William and Kate preferred a move to Adelaide Cottage because it “allows William and Kate the opportunity to offer their children a more rural upbringing away from central London and the hustle and bustle of Kensington Palace, which is a popular tourist attraction.”

Another reason was that the place had already been renovated. Kate and William decided not to have staff live there.

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According to the Palace, Kate would only be able to return to her royal duties around Easter, which seems like a long way to go, but she has all the help she needs.

Her parents, as well as her siblings are always there to provide a hand.

According to royal expert Sarah Hewson, Carole and Michael Midleton were also spending time at the hospital with their daughter.

“We haven’t seen them, but we saw William on the first day and then we didn’t see him again,” she said, as per Express. “Now, there are multiple entrances where they are able to slip in and out but we do know Carole and Michael Middleton were on hand particularly to help out with the children where William is, perhaps, visiting his wife.”

“They’d be doing a drop-off or pick-up [at school],” she added.

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The royal expert continued, describing the Mdidletons as a “tight-knit family.”

“..and they and close friends have been rallying round and will continue to do so because it’s going to be a long time before Kate is really back up on her feet. [It’s] major surgery that she’s been through and, you know, we’re not going to see her out on royal duties until April – so, more than two months,” she concluded.

William has also been there every step of the way. He was taking care of the children and in order to spend more time by Kate’s side, he even postponed and rescheduled many of his duties.

On Wednesday night, Prince William attended London’s Air Ambulance Charity Gala Dinner. There, he held a speech and thanked everyone for their kind wishes regarding both his wife as well as his father, King Charles, who was diagnosed with cancer on Monday.

“Good evening everyone. Thank you all for being here. And thank you to those whose hard work has made this evening possible. I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you, also, for the kind messages of support for Catherine and for my father, especially in recent days. It means a great deal to us all. It’s fair to say the past few weeks have had a rather ‘medical’ focus. So I thought I’d come to an air ambulance function to get away from it all,” William said.

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At the time being, the Princess of Wales is doing some royal work from her bed.

Following her surgery, Kate found the time to send an emotional letter to TV host Kate Garraway whose husband died due to complications from COVID-19 in January.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Garraway shared she had received a letter from David and Victoria Beckham, as well as from William and Kate.

“And from the royal family — Catherine and William sent a beautiful letter, and I know Catherine has been in hospital herself,” the host said.

“Even the King — because there is somebody [who] knows about grief — that anticipatory grief where you know something has a risk of happening and how different it is when it does happen.”

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This act only shows how sympathetic Kate is. No wonder she’s one of the much-loved members of the Firm.

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