Jennifer Garner says married life and raising kids with Ben Affleck was a ‘total circus’

Jennifer Garner opens up about 'triggering' traumatic past and makes a rare revelation regarding Ben Affleck that doesn't sound easy.


Celebrity marriages never seem to last. Of course, there are a few exceptions, but the truth is that most of these unions are short-lived.

Whether it is the pressure that comes from being in the spotlight most of the time, or the infinite temptations that await around the corner, celeb marriages are more likely to fail than those of ordinary people like you and I. According to Marriage Foundation, celebrity couples divorce at nearly twice the rate of the general population. And if one believes that these people have it easy when it comes to moving on because of all the money and influence they possess, the reality is that going through breakup under the watchful eye of the wide public makes things even harder.

Actress Jennifer Garner had her big breakthrough with the movie Alias, which helped her make a name for herself and become America’s sweetheart adored by millions.

So, it didn’t really come as a surprise that when she and actor Ben Affleck tied the knot, all eyes were on them and the media couldn’t get enough of their private life.

However, when they welcomed their three children into their lives, things turned, according to Garner, a ‘circus.’

In an interview with PBS’s Kelly Corrigan, she opened up about the life under constant watch by the paparazzi. She couldn’t even attend a soccer match and be a normal parent because of the media pressure. “Anywhere that we went, it was a total circus. My one daughter tried to play soccer, and it was such a zoo for the families that they just said, ‘can you please not.’” 

Even when she took her sick children to the doctor’s, the paparazzi were there waiting for her eager to snap as much photos as possible and come up with a juicy story. “For 10 years there were at the very least six cars, and often 20, outside of our house, and outside of school and at the pediatrician’s, and you’re begging them, ‘Please step aside from the pediatrician’s door. I have a sick kid, please.”

Eventually, Garner and Halle Berry worked hard and helped pass a law that protects the children of celebrities from the paparazzi. Garner acknowledged that Barry deserves more credit for their achievement.

The law helped protect her children, but not her marriage to Ben Affleck. Is the media partially responsible for her failed marriage? Jennifer Garner believes the answer might be yes.

For more on what paparazzi made Garner feel go to the video below.

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