Ingenious Grandmother Solves Her Street’s Speeding Problems

This grandma's solution to speeding drivers in her neighborhood is simply ingenious!


The residents at this grandmother’s neighborhood are now at ease as she managed to solve the problem of drivers speeding around the place in a very clever way.

Knowing that neither her four grandchildren, nor the rest of the kids were safe, she came up with the idea of holding a hair dryer fooling the drivers into believing it’s a speed gun.

Believe it or not, this did magic and now everyone is making sure they don’t drive over the limit.

Jean Brooks really is one hell of a grandma as she would stop at nothing to make sure the neighborhood is a safe place.

“The problem with the traffic was that it was mental, kids with what I like to call sewing machines on wheels or quad bikes and mothers were driving at around 50 or 60 mph because they were late to school,” Jean said.

Her neighbors are very grateful for her dedication to put ‘law and order’ into action.