Incredible rendition of “The Sound of Silence” performed by the band “Disturbed”

His voice is astonishing.


Simon & Garfunkel’s songs are classics. Renditions of their hits, which are as popular today as on the day they were first released, have been done by a huge number of musicians, both professional artists and amateurs. And as much as we all agree that Simon and Garfunkel’s performances can never really be beaten, the one below proves us wrong.

The performance of the iconic piece of music The Sound of Silence performed by the American alternative metal band Disturbed is something truly special. The classic was recorded for the band’s album Immortalized, which was released in 2015.

Source: YouTube

Simon himself agreed that the performance was wonderful. He shared on his Facebook a video of Disturbed singing his song on Conan’s show.

David Draiman, the group’s frontman said the band was flattered and couldn’t have hoped for a more positive outcome.

Take a look at the breathtaking performance in the video below which has been seen over 120 million times.