I yelled ‘I don’t!’ at my own wedding after conversation with groom’s mother whose plan almost worked out

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Hanna and Ryan met by pure chance. Their encounter could have ended totally differently after he crashed into the bouquet of flowers she had bought for her friend who had her directorial debut with a musical at the local theater.

Instead, they introduced themselves and both agreed they weren’t fans of crowds.

From that moment on, they stayed in touch and started dating. It only took Ryan three months to pop the question, and Hanna was quick to say yes.

Their romance was picture perfect. Hanna’s parents accepted Ryan and were happy their only daughter found someone who make her world complete. They accepted Ryan as the son they never had, and his parents felt the same for Hanna.

Hanna felt she was loved and appreciated by Ryan’s parents. She and his mom, Mrs. Audrey Cole, would have their nails done together, and did some fun stuff.


Everything seemed like a dream and Hanna couldn’t wait to finally say “I do,” to the man she knew was her soulmate. However, she ended up saying “I don’t” and leaving the church on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life.

Before the wedding, just as the ceremony was about to start, Audrey pulled Hanna aside and said, “Darling, can we chat for a moment?” Hanna said yes, but asked from her mother-in-law to wait until her glam team was done with her hair and makeup. Something about Audrey’s demeanor made Hanna anxious. She could see from the reflection in the mirror that Audrey wasn’t at ease as her eyes moved around the room quickly, often settling on the wedding dress hanging from its hook.

Moments later, as Hanna’s mom was buttoning up her wedding dress, Audrey got closer and said, “There’s no easy way for me to say this.” Hanna was surprised. She thought Audrey would make a comment about how nice the dress fit her as she hadn’t been to any of the fittings, but her future mother-in-law had something else in mind.


At that moment, Audrey took her phone out and said, “There are videos on this phone that will explain everything. I am so sorry, Hanna, but Ryan needs to be caught out.”

Hanna’s mind raced. She couldn’t possibly imagine what was on that phone.

The video showed a woman, almost naked, and a man whose face wasn’t visible but Audrey claimed to be her son’s.

“Are you sure?” Hanna asked. “This is him?”

“Well, look at the jacket on the bed,” she said. “Isn’t that the one you got him?”


Hanna pressed play again, and looked at the jacket. The hotel room also looked familiar—she was so sure that they had been there before.

“But Ryan’s face isn’t in the frame,” Hanna said.

“Hanna,” Audrey said slowly. “It’s right in front of you. You can choose to overlook it, but think of the man that you would be marrying if you choose to ignore it. Could you live with yourself knowing that? Could you live with him?”

Doing her best not to cry, Hanna said she couldn’t live with someone who had betrayed her like that.

“You’re calling off the wedding?” Audrey asked, hope lining her voice.

“No,” Hanna. “I’m going to walk down that aisle. I’m going to walk to the man who has been unfaithful to me. And when the time comes for our vows, I’ll break it off then.”


As she walked down the aisle, Hanna experienced a roller coaster of emotions.

Ryan squeezed her hands, but all she could think of was that video. When it came to their wows and the question whether she takes Ryan to be her husband, she answered “I don’t.”

Ryan couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Thinking it was a joke, he asked the priest to ask her again, but Hanna’s answer was the same. When Ryan demanded explanation, Hanna said his mother had it. Then, Audrey took her phone again and showed the video. Looking at it, Ryan started saying that it wasn’t him but Hanna refused to listen and left the church, her parents walking after her.

“Hanna, please,” he said. “I need you to believe me.”


Hanna refused to take any of Ryan’s calls and even blocked his number. But three days later, he appeared at her parents’ doorstep with flowers and food. He wanted to talk to Hanna and explain everything.

It turned out that Audrey, who was a high-school teacher, orchestrated everything in order to ruin the wedding. Those people in the video were two students of hers. She used Ryan’s jacket to make everything more reliable.

Hanna was surprised. Audrey always claimed she loved her as the daughter she never had. She was always nice and full of understanding. Was it possible that she was only acting the entire time?


According to Ryan, she did that because she didn’t want her son to get married because she believed she would lose him. Also, she thought Hanna was unworthy of her son. She believed at first that their relationship wasn’t serious, but when the time came for them to marry, she panicked.

Hanna forgave Ryan, and he forgave her for not trusting him. They are still together and wait to see what future holds for them.

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