Donald Trump gives update on son Barron Trump’s future, days after historical conviction

Donald Trump gives update on son Barron Trump’s future, days after historical conviction.


The “hush money” trial involving former president and business mogul Donald Trump attracted the worldwide attention.

A Manhattan jury found him guilty of all 34 counts of falsifying business records, making him the first ever president in US history to be convicted of a felony. Judge Juan Merchan set a sentencing hearing for July 11.

Trump pleaded not guilty when he was arraigned last year.

“This was a rigged, disgraceful trial,” Trump told reporters upon leaving the courtroom. “The real verdict is going to be Nov. 5 by the people. They know what happened, and everyone knows what happened here.”

Following the verdict, Trump repeated several false claims regarding the trial, angrily complaining about the gag order he still is under. Further, he claimed he wanted to testify, but his lawyers advised him against doing so.

“I would have testified. I wanted to testify,” he said. “The theory is you never testify because as soon as you testify — anybody, if it were George Washington, don’t testify because they’ll get you on something that you said slightly wrong, and then they sue you for perjury.”

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Trump then blamed current president Biden and his people for the outcome of his trial.

“They are in total conjunction with the White House and the DOJ. Just so you understand, this is all done by Biden and his people,” Trump said of the court.

The case against Donald Trump was brought by the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and prosecuted under New York state law, which means it was not connected with the White House nor the DOJ, as per NPR.

The former president could be sentenced to probation or up to 4 years on each count in state prison (offering a maximum of 20 years). At the moment, however, he remains a free man since prosecutors did not ask for the opinion-dividing ex-president to post any bond.

The verdict only only affects Trump and his plan for the upcoming elections, but his entire family too, and that certainly includes his wife Melania and his youngest son Barron.

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Melania was said to be furious over the trial during which she never appeared by her husband’s side in the courtroom.

As of Barron, being the son of Donald Trump, he has been exposed to media scrutiny despite his mother’s efforts to keep him out of the spotlight. She does her best to protect him from oft-extreme media coverage concerning his famous father.

As per the Daily Mail, Melania has locked herself in a “tight” bubble behind the gates of the family’s residence at Mar-a Lago in Florida while her husband’s trial was got underway.

What’s most, she prohibited her husband from speaking about their son in public. According to Melania’s former aid, Stephanie Grisham, the former first lady was far from happy with Donald speaking about Barron in the context of his trials. 

“He talked about missing Barron’s graduation to the cameras and then again on Truth Social because it caused a lot of coverage about that, and it’s just not something she would have liked,” Grisham said.

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

In the wake of Donald Trump’s guilty verdict, Melania and Barron were said to have been at Trump Tower in Manhattan, as per Page Six.

“Everyone has gathered around Trump at Trump Tower,” a source told the news outlet.

 “It’s like a funeral … There was hope all day and then none!” another person said, speaking of the time the verdict came.

“Everyone says Melania and the entire family are rallying around the former president,” the insider added. “But the mood is nonetheless gloomy and gloomier right now. It’s definitely viewed as a downer at Mar-a-Lago.”

“Everyone is upset. Trump talked to both Melania and all his children, including Ivanka. [But] Trump says the real verdict will take place in November when the people vote;” the insider concluded. According to another source, Donald’s friends described the outcome as “not unexpected,” and that they were well “prepared for the next step,” Page Six reported.

NEW YORK, NY – JULY 20: Barron Trump is seen at the funeral of Ivana Trump on July 20, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by JNI/Star Max/GC Images)

Last weekend, Trump gave interview to Fox News, and provided an update on his wife.

“She’s fine, but I think it’s very hard for her,” he said of Melania, adding that “in many ways, it’s tougher on them [his family] than it is me.”

Until now, regardless of her absence at the courtroom, Melania has stayed by her husband through his ups and downs, but whether the verdict would change things between them is something we are yet to witness.

With her allegedly renegotiating her prenup last year, in case of a divorce, she and Barron would be left with millions of dollars.

Stephanie Clifford, the adult film actress and exotic dancer known as Stormy Daniels, who took the stand in Donald Trump‘s hush money trial and whose testimony involved details of her journey into exotic dancing, provided information about her encounter with Trump in July 2006. She also urged Melania to seek separation from her husband.

“I don’t know what their agreement may or may not be, but Melania needs to leave him. Not because of what he did with me or other women but because he is a convicted felon,” Daniels told the Mirror.

“It’s been proven he is abusive; he was found liable for sexual assault and tax fraud and is now a criminal. He’s neither Teflon Don nor Teflon Con anymore.”

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And as sources and insiders claim Melania is furious over the trial and the verdict, not much is known about how Barron feels.

His next step in life is attending college. Donald and his children, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Tiffany Trump, have all graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, but doesn’t necessarily mean Barron will make the same choice. In fact, just days after his verdict, Trump spoke publicly about his son and said, “He’s amazing actually, in a certain way.” Further, Trump said on Fox & Friends Weekend Sunday, “[Barron]’s tall, good-looking…a very good student. And he’s applied to colleges and gets into everywhere he goes.

“He’s very sought after from a standpoint, he’s a very smart guy. He’s a very tall guy. And he’s a great kid. He’s cool, he’s pretty cool, I’ll tell ya.”

Trump has highlighted his son’s height many times in the past and during an occasion he said that it was his grandma’s food that made him grow that tall.

The former president has always spoken dearly of his wife’s parents, especially her now-late mother Amalija Knavs.

“Great people, great parents to all of us, really. Great parents, but also to Barron. Boy, did she take care of Barron,” he said.

“That’s how he got so tall, he only ate her food.”

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