How to Never Pay for Canceling an Appointment

I'm going to remember this trick in case I ever need to use it!


Has it ever happened to you to be forced to cancel your doctor’s appointment in the last minute? I guess most of you will answer with a yes. This is not that uncommon because we live in a world where everyone has a tight schedule trying to fit all the things that should be taken care of in only 24 hours. So things such as family and other emergencies come up and we are left with the cancellation fee we have to pay for not making it to the appointment.


Paying this fee is frustrating for many, and although we are well aware that it’s there because doctors believe it will reduce the number of cancellations and sometimes because of the preparations the doctors make ahead of the appointment, we still don’t really want to give our money away.

A Reddit user found the ultimate way of skipping this fee and now people are praising him for this brilliant idea.

It all started when Redditor Sh0tgunLlama asked this simple but brilliant question:


User Stellapotamus shared his story of cancelling a doctor’s appointment in the last minute without paying a single cent. This is how it goes:

“I went to cancel a doctor’s appointment and they said it was a $200 charge without a week’s notice. I asked how much it was to reschedule and she said it was free.

‘Okay, so I need to reschedule for two weeks out.’

‘Is three weeks okay?”


‘Alright, you’re all set for three weeks from now. Is there anything else I can do for you?’

‘Yes, I need to cancel my appointment.’

‘We need a week’s notice.’

‘My appointment is three weeks away.’

‘Oh. Okay. Sure.’

‘Thank you.’

Couldn’t believe it worked.”

Everyone was so thrilled by this that the post quickly went viral with over 21K upvotes.

Fellow Redditors praised Stellapotamus saying things like:


And even higher praise:


Do you think this way of skipping the fee is genius or sneaky? Have you ever done anything similar to get yourself off the hook?