Homeless man who returned $10k check to owner gets repaid with a brand new home and training

Honest homeless man who returned $10k check to owner is repaid with a house and training...


Steve Hartman from CBS News has been “On The Road” once again and he’s returned with another extraordinary story of ordinary people that teaches us how life is a huge roller coaster and can change in a blink of an eye. Now you are up, and the next day you are down, and vice versa. But that’s what living and existing is all about. 

This story is about the faithful encounter between a very successful woman named Roberta, and a homeless man named Elmer. And no matter how different these two seem to be at first sight, there’s something they have in common.

Roberta is a real estate broker, a media personality, and the woman behind Ms. Millionaire Mindset Academy and Training Seminars. She is wealthy and good with money, except for that time when she lost a $10,000 check. Losing that much money is never a good thing, but this time it led to something good. 

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When Elmer Alvarez stumbled upon the piece of paper while walking down the street, he had no idea it was a check. Once he realized how much money it was on, he knew it could change his life, but this kind man never thought of cashing it. From the moment he took it in his hand, he knew he had to track the money owner down. That’s how he ended up meeting Roberta. 

Elmer didn’t expect anything in return, but got something that no money can buy. A chance to start his life over again.

Namely, when Roberta heard Elmer’s life story it reminded her of her own life and the time when she was a homeless teenage mommy who was determined to succeed all for the sake of her kids’ well-being.

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This woman achieved everything she put her mind to. From living on the streets to becoming a millionaire. And now she was given the opportunity to do something similar for a man whose faith she once shared. Now, Roberta and Elmer are working on a huge project that is bound to change the lives of many people. 

Elmer is no longer homeless. His new acquaintance found an apartment for him and she is paying rent for the first seven months, giving Elmer the time to get back on his feet. He is also attending the real estate school. She helped him turn his life upside down. 

The project they are currently working on won’t bring them any money because the idea behind it is to help people in need. Profit is the last thing on their mind. 

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They are building a transitional house for struggling and homeless young people who need a push in life. Both Roberta and Elmer know how important it is for someone to lend you a helping hand when you are all by yourself on the streets. 

Once the place is finished, Elmer will serve as adviser to the youngsters. Having experienced that kind of life, this job would be perfect for him. We are sure he’ll help lots of teenagers take their life in their own hands. 

It’s amazing how a lost check led to something so beautiful like uniting two people who share same past and same future goals. Way to go Roberta and Elmer!

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