Homeless man seen throwing a birthday party for his dog

He didn't know he was being watched, but his gesture said it all. After recording, the bystander approached to learn about the situation.


Those who have the least give the most, they say. I believe it is like that because those people who don’t have much know just how harsh life can be and they don’t want anyone to experience that feeling.

One man from Bucaramanga, Colombia, stole the hearts of thousands of people recently. Choco has been homeless for a couple of years, and as we all know, life on the street is far from easy, but that didn’t prevent him from throwing a birthday party for one of his four-legged companions, Shaggy.

Some passersby noticed him putting birthday hats on Shaggy and his other dog, Nena, and bringing a cake, so they couldn’t help but stop and take a video of the joyous occasion.

Little did Choco know that the love and compassion he offered to his canines, who are his companions and stay by his side through thick and thin, would make him a well-known name in the neighborhood.

Once the video of the birthday party was shared online, many showed their appreciation for Choco. Positive comments came pouring in and people who lived nearby paid this kind-hearted man a visit and brought a bunch of things for him and the dogs in an attempt to ease their life.

The reason why Choco is homeless is because he escaped abusive household. However, after many people learned of his life, we truly hope he would receive help and find a place to stay together with his dogs.