Homeless Man Saves Young Lady Stranded on Highway With His Last $20


To have lived a life where even though times have been hard, you have survived and always had a roof over your head, never too far from the edge. When you’ve been hungry and money doesn’t always stretch makes life very difficult.

Seeing panhandlers with a sign, desperately seeking help, I’m not ashamed to say that whenever I can I give something to them, Just a dollar or two without too much thought about how they choose to spend it.

If I was in the same situation I hope that other people would be as kind. When you give in life then karma dictates that at some point you will gain something, even if it’s just that satisfaction that you have made the world a better place!

This story really started when a lady from Florence Township, New Jersey was driving along the I-95 towards Philadelphia. The Lady in question here is Kate McClure, 27 years old and before she could reach her destination she ran out of gas and was forced to stop.

In a bit of a panic she was able to find her way to the side of the road in the car, then get out of the car, to walk to the gas station. She approached a homeless guy who said that she should get back to her car and lock herself in.

Just a little time later the guy, Johnny Bobbitt Jr, 34 years old, returned with a filled gas can and emptied it into her vehicle, he had spent his very last $20 to get fuel for her!

The Lady didn’t have any cash but promised that she would return with “something” for him to say thank you. It wasn’t too long before she returned with food, money, supplies and a gift card for her guardian angel and friend.

She bought him cereal bars for him, he offered her one to eat, he was excited to take tot the gift card and case of water to share with “the guys”.

With each visit she made, going down the I-95, with her boyfriend, Mark, the couple learned more and more about the gut who had such a kind heart. He had been homeless for about a year…

He had started out with a night stuck on the streets but it turned into weeks, then months, he made some friends of other homeless men and since then they have looked out for each other and had each other’s backs.

The homeless guy was once a paramedic who came to Philadelphia because of his work, it was a lead for a job, but it fell through, his savings getting smaller and smaller until they were all gone!

It was about this time that, Johnny, unfortunately, lost his state-issued ID and his VA paperwork from being in the Marine Corps, that being said he could no longer prove he had a right to work. He simply didn’t have the money to replace the missing documents that he so desperately needed to.

Looking through Johnny’s old Facebook photos the young couple could not believe how fast circumstances changed for the former first responder.

Karen said:

“It’s crazy, you can relate to that …You look through and think, -that could be me-”

The couple felt touched by his story and wanted to do more than just drop off supplies to him, they really wanted to help him get back on his feet.

Onward to Nov 10th and the couple have started a GoFundMe page on his behalf to make a start
On Nov. 10 the couple started a GoFundMe page on Bobbitt’s behalf.

The goal they set was $10,000 to cover expenses, a reliable car, plus rent, food, and utilities for a few months while he gets organized and back into the swing of things.

When the funding page gathered its first $1,700 the couple visited him with the good news and a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

He said:

“That changes my life, right there …I’ve honestly met more good people than bad.”

He is now in the process of getting his paperwork sorted out and he really wants to work for the nearby Amazon warehouse, then eventually his goal is to resume as a paramedic!

Nov the 22nd arrived and the goals they set had been achieved and surpassed, they had raised over $21,000 from all the shares and coverage they got from social media.

They have been touched by the support from social media and intend to continue to support him until he gets to the other side a success, a huge thank to them and the community for their generous support.

At times when the headlines are filled with such negativity and terrible violence, humanity seems distant, but its acts like this that restore our faith in humanity and it really is a good feeling!

Good luck to him and let’s share this wonderful story to spread the love and inspiration!