Homeless man hears fiery crash, drops sign and starts plucking folks from cars

This homeless man was panhandling at his usual spot when he saw a fiery car accident in progress; a semitrailer smashed into vehicles and rolled over, sparking a deadly fire that claimed multiple lives.


It’s in the humans nature to judge others based on their physical appearance. Many times we label someone as good or bad without being aware of their life story and the obstacles they had to face during their lifetime.

Darin Barton has been a homeless man ever since he was involved in an accident back in July 2014. The crash between a light rail train and a car left him injured and unable to find a home. This man lives with the help of kind-hearted people for whom he says are not that many. Great number of passersby and drivers don’t even notice him. But Darin is someone who’d always offer help to another person and even animal in need.

Darin spends most of his days at a guardrail along the busy interstate off-ramp in Denver, asking for food or money.

For those who do notice Darin, he has a message to deliver; a sign he carries that says:

“Have a blessed day”.

Just last month, April 2019, Darin was casually staying at his spot when he witnessed one of the most destructive accidents taking place right before his eyes. A huge trailed smashed into vehicles, sparking a fire that claimed multiple lives.

Minutes after, officers and firefighters came at the scene and were desperately trying to extinguish the flames.

Darin didn’t even hesitate a bit before he rushed and tried getting some of the injured people to safety. This homeless man has a big heart and he would never just sit there and watch lives being lost. His bravery made him a hometown hero.

“As soon as I [saw] flames, I headed under the bridge, grabbed three or four people out of a couple cars,” Barton said.

Other people like Darin, who somehow found themselves there at the time of the crash also offered help.

When the story of his deed spread around, many people contacted Fox 31, asking how to get in touch with Darin in order to offer him help.

“Don’t judge people based on how they might look or whether or not they have a home or whatever, because that person that you looked down on might just save your life,” one of his supporters told KDVR.

This story is a perfect example of how we should never judge people because of their social status. Many humans are poor, but rich in the heart, and Darin is definitely one of them.