3 Teenage Restaurant Workers Fired and Arrested After Surveillance Footage Show Them Spitting in On-Duty Deputies’ Food

They had apparently conspired to do it.


Eating at the local restaurants and fast-food places is what many of us do. Honestly, they offer mouth-watering specialties, as well as juicy hamburgers and stuff that we enjoy consuming every now and then. But what happened to two deputies who stopped by at the Highway 55 restaurant on April 27 will make you think twice before visiting such places.

Three of the employees, who were teenagers, spit in the deputies’ food. They only found out about it after someone told the restaurant owners of the act which was also caught on the surveillance camera.

It was the outraged owners who contacted the authorities, after which the teens were fired and arrested. Charges including battery on a law enforcement officer and food tampering were later filed against them.

The two boys and the girl were turned over to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

The below video is the actual footage of the nasty act. This all makes you never cross your foot in a restaurant .