High school runner diagnosed with cancer crosses the finish line with the help from her friends

Seeing Yeva crossing the finish line is so uplifting!


Yeva Klingbeil is a senior at Shenendehowa High School. In 2019, this brave young lady was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer which affects the muscle tissue. However, the devastating diagnosis has never stood on her way to achieve many great things. What’s most, Yeva has never lost hope and is doing all in her power to win the battle against the awful disease. The good thing is that she’s not alone. On the contrary, she’s surrounded by family, friends, and teachers who are always there for her and assist her every step of the way.

On May 24, Yeva took part in an athletic meet at school and the video of her friends helping her reach the finish line went viral and touched many hearts.

The school shared the touching moment on Twitter along with the words: “What a great moment to see Senior Yeva Klingbeil at today’s girl’s track & field meet.

“Yeva’s teammates help her across the line in the 4X1 relay. Yeva continues her fight with cancer and we continue to be amazed by her spirit!!”

This incredible lady with unbreakable spirit started her chemo treatments shortly after her diagnosis because of a cancerous mass around her jaw.

At the time, the school set up a fundraising on Pledge It and organized a marathon in hopes of raising money to help her and the family with the medical costs. It helped raise $21,474. However, the family didn’t spend all the money on Yeva’s treatments. Instead, they shared some with the organization Family Reach, which offers financial assistance to families of cancer patients.

“Yeva and her family pray her brain will continue healing and she’ll be able to breathe, walk, and eat once again,” Yeva’s coach Rob Cloutier wrote on Pledge It, showing how much the school and her teachers support her. “While Yeva has gone through all of this and more, she has never stopped caring about her friends and family and has never given up hope of recovery.”

Regarding the marathon, the coach wrote: “I’ve got a great senior class, and Yeva’s a part of that. They’ve really come together and rallied around this, but used it as an opportunity to be grateful for everything you have and an opportunity to be a part of something, right? That’s kind of the idea behind this. It’s a simple thing. However you want to jump in, you want to get involved, you want to donate … it’s up to you. But here’s an opportunity. It’s been special,” as per Daily Gazette.

We wish Yeva win her battle as soon as possible. She’s brave and optimistic, and she will end up a winner.