High school football player dies after collapsing from “heat stroke” during practice


Drake Geiger, a 16-year-old boy, lost his life after collapsing during football practice. The tragedy took place at Omaha High School.

Shortly after his parents dropped him off for his practice on August 10, the coach called them and told them that their son was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, nothing could be done.

The boy’s father, Scott, recalls the last words he said to his loving son were: “Be tough, kid.”

“The coach called me, said they did their first 10-minute drill, and he went up got a drink, came back, sat down, and fell over. Said he had only been at practice 10 minutes… said the EMTs were there taking him up to UNMC,” Scott said as per 6News. “We got up there, doctor came and told us he was extremely overheated, and he was very, very sick.”

Drake was 6-foot-3-inch and he was a healthy young man. The family was told that the cause of death was a heat stroke. However, an autopsy will be carried out. According to KETV News, the heat index at the time of the football practice was 106 degrees.

Drake was just days away from getting he’s driver’s licence. He was described as a shy boy who loved playing football and hanging out with friends. According to his dad, Drake was looking forward to getting back to school.

Omaha High School expressed their condolences to Drake’s family and asked from other students and parents to keep the Geigers into their prayers.

This tragedy should remind all of us to avoid being outside during very hot weather.

Rest in peace, Drake. Our thoughts are with the family.