Hidden security camera films cop in an elevator, he thinks no one is watching him

The cop thought he was alone, didn't know elevator camera filmed his every move!


Most people believe that police officers are serious and never have fun. The truth is that their job is demanding and challenging. They provide emergency services, make sure civilians obey the law, investigate crimes and accidents, arrest criminals, and a lot more.

This is the reason why we are always stunned to see these professionals do fun stuff, just like Deputy Tony Scherb, who has recently retired from his service the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado.

Being a dedicated professional loved by many, Deputy Scherb was thrown a party by his colleagues who wanted to thank him for his 29 years of service.

He left legacy behind, but he never thought that some of that legacy would make him a celebrity online.

Namely, a video of him dancing at the elevator was shared on Facebook and people loved it. It is so beautiful to see how music makes this man follow the rhythm and show some moves like no one’s watching.

The elevator was malfunctioning for some time, and the repairment included installing a camera, something Deputy Scherb probably wasn’t aware of.

As he enters the elevator and pushes the button, he is stunned to hear “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” start playing. The music is enough for Deputy Scherb to show his dancing skills.

The hilarity continues as the elevator stops at different floors and some of his colleagues enter the elevator.

This video will definitely make your day.

“This is how work should feel everyday, blessings and Protection to these officer’s, Rock on!!!” one person commented. “Never take life so seriously that you can’t have a little fun throughout the day sometime and laugh that stress off! My hat off to them!!!,” another added.

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