Hero Dog Saves Cat from Drowning in a Dramatic Rescue

The brave pooch dived into the water to save the cat and it turned into one of the most dramatic rescues we've ever witnessed!


This courageous little dog teaches us that everything we believed to be true about the natural “hatred” between cats and dogs is nothing but an assumption. Although they may not be that fond of each other, they’ll still step in when one of them is in trouble. 

Twitter/Figen Sezgin

What a woman from Turkey caught on tape will leave you speechless. She had come across one of the most extraordinary scenes we’ve ever seen. A cat was about to drown as she found herself stuck in deep water. As she was desperately trying to get out, one dog was determined to save her. 

The brave pooch dived into the water and knew exactly what to do. He carefully got under the cat and let her mount onto his back. He then took her out of the deep water and to a safe place.

The woman was so impressed that she had to share the incredible video with her Twitter followers. 

Twitter/Figen Sezgin

However, after the cat was out, the dog seemed to got stuck in the water himself. Luckily, after a couple of tries he managed to get out too. People who saw the video agree how what he did was pretty much amazing.

Twitter/Figen Sezgin

And while a lot of people were thanking the woman for sharing this with the world, many judged her for recording instead of actually helping. She could have simply taken the cat out of the water and spare the poor dog all the trouble. There were also those who believe the animals become stronger when faced with such situations and the woman did the right thing for not intervening. 

Who knows, maybe she was afraid that she could get hurt by the scared animals. Anyways, what she put on tape is a rescue we’ll never forget. 

We are glad both the cat and the dog weren’t hurt.

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