He decided she didn’t deserve to eat, they fought to prove she ‘deserved’ the world

Her owner convinced her she didn't deserve any food and she believed him. But then she felt a loving touch and hope filled her heart.


Angel is one of the bravest dogs we’ve ever met. This incredible creature is a proof that dogs who were once abused and neglected and who ended up dumped or surrendered at shelters can make great pets too. Just because they suffered from the hands of cruel humans doesn’t mean they can’t trust the good ones.

Source: YouTube/ Rescue From The Hart

When the rescuers stumbled upon Angel, she was on the brink of death. Her ribs could be seen through her thin skin. It was obvious this poor dog wasn’t getting any food as she was malnourished and resembled a skeleton.

Looking at her, the people who came across her way didn’t really think much could be done for her. But they wouldn’t quit without a fight. She deserved a chance, and they were more than willing to give it to her.

Source: YouTube/ Rescue From The Hart

The neglect she suffered throughout the years didn’t only make Angel’s body start shutting down, but her personality as well. She didn’t believe things could turn for the better for her, but she was wrong. Now that she was in the hands of the loving volunteers at Rescue From The Hart, Angel could thrive.

Source: YouTube/ Rescue From The Hart

Although she was in need of food, her rescuers knew her body wouldn’t be able to handle much of it, so they were very patient and fed her small amounts of food that they increased day by day.

Except for the food, Angel was given a bunch of medicine that helped her with her pain and the sores that covered her fragile body.

Source: YouTube/ Rescue From The Hart

But as time passed by, Angel was feeling better and better. Rescue From The Hart shared a video in which they said, “We lent her our strength, until one day she found her own.” And yes, it was the volunteers’ support, love, and affection that pushed Angel forward.

Once she started resembling a normal dog, Angel was placed in a foster home. However, she didn’t spend much time there as her forever family crossed her path shortly after.

Source: YouTube/ Rescue From The Hart

By sharing inspiring stories like that of Angel we help rescue organizations continue doing what they do best; saving the lives of animals in need of salvation.

If you want to see Angel’s incredible transformation, check the video below.

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