Harry was ‘terrified’ Meghan would leave him after the Duchess suffered from ‘racist abuse,’ expert claims

The moment Harry felt Meghan was scrutinized by the media, he stepped up for her the best he could.


Headlines are never far away when the British royalty is concerned. It seems that the general public and the media can never get enough of this famous family and especially Harry and Meghan in recent years.

Ever since they announced they were dating, they caused a stir. Meghan, a former actress and divorcee, didn’t seem like the perfect fit for a prince according to many, but their love for each other prevailed.

At the time, it was reported that the Queen herself accepted Meghan right away and embraced her into the family.

However, two years after tying the knot, Harry and Meghan decided they had it enough of being working royals and they stepped down from their royal duties. According to some, their initial plan was to leave Britain for just a year, but the Firm didn’t accept that and the Sussexes settled down in the States, where they still reside.

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One of the reasons for this major step was the British press.

In the past, Harry himself has spoken openly about the press and how it affected his late mother’s life. Diana was mercilessly chased by the paparazzi, who closely followed her every move. According to many, this not only affected her happiness but also contributed to her death.

Harry certainly didn’t want his wife to go through the same, and the moment he felt Meghan was scrutinized, he stepped up for her the best he could.

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When Harry and Meghan went on a blind date, he was happy to see that she was the one his friend had tried to set him up with.

According to the book Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown by author Valentine Low, Meghan was quick to reveal to the world that she and Harry were a thing. A source allegedly told Low that Meghan once gave Harry a serious ultimatum regarding their relationship. “She was saying, ‘If you don’t put out a statement confirming I’m your girlfriend, I’m going to break up with you.”

Another source claimed Harry was “freaking out, saying, ‘She’s going to dump me.’”

Low’s book further claimed that it was then that Harry contacted Jason Knauf, communications secretary for Prince William, Kate Middleton and Harry himself at the time, and told him to release a statement revealing his relationship with Meghan.

“Harry’s staff knew that Meghan was different from other royal girlfriends. She had her own opinions and would let people know what they were. In the spring of 2017, more than six months before the couple were engaged, she told one of Harry’s advisers: ‘I think we both know I’m going to be one of your bosses soon,’” an excerpt of the book reads.

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As expected, the media was interested in learning everything about Meghan, just as they were with any other person who became part of the royalty, including Kate and Camilla. However, with Meghan, something was different: she was the subject of racist remarks – and her husband, Prince Harry, was having none of it.

In November 2016, he made a decision to release a statement which not only acknowledged that he and Meghan were a thing but also aimed to protect her from the racist mistreatment she had endured.

“Meghan Markle has been subject to a wave of abuse and harassment,” the message shared by Kensington communications secretary Kasom Knaufread read. “Some of this has been very public—the smear on the front page of a national newspaper; the racial undertones of comment pieces; and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments.”

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Harry also addressed the topic in his all-tell memoir Spare.

“I showed the essay to Jason (Knauf, former Kensington Palace Communications Secretary), said we needed a course correction immediately. No more debate, no more discussion. Within a day, we had a draft. Strong, precise, angry, honest. I didn’t think it would be the end, but maybe the beginning of the end.”

As he expected, his father and brother were furious.

“My statement generated a whole new onslaught from my family. Pa and Willy (King Charles and Prince William) were furious. They gave me an earful. My statement made them look bad, they both said.”


The Duke added: “Why in hell? Because they’d never put out a statement for their girlfriends, or wives when they were being harassed. We needed a statement out there—within a day we had a draft. Strong, precise, angry, honest.”

The statement was officially taken down from the royal website a few days ago, though the reason behind this action remains unclear. In the meantime, a royal commentator has brought forth fresh insights regarding the “very angry” letter Harry sent to the press — it was revealed that he was “terrified” of the prospect of Meghan leaving him.

Angela Levin, royal commentator, told GB News, “On the royal website, they removed the information that in 2016 Harry sent this very, very angry letter to the press. It was to say that they were being racist towards Meghan and disturbing her. Now that was when they met.”

She continued by recalling a meeting with one of his aides who told her to be “very, very careful” because Harry had ‘just written a letter and he’s terrified that Meghan’s going to leave him.’

“‘So actually go very carefully, otherwise he’ll throw you out’. It’s quite an odd way of thinking. You’re going to interview the Prince, and then you’re going to have to be really careful. But I managed to write,” Levin continued.

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“That’s what the issue was; he was terrified that Meghan was going to leave him. It was love at first sight from his point of view. Now that the letter is gone he’s very cross because he felt it should be against the press.

“However it doesn’t work like that because they’ve moved forward and they don’t want to have this distancing themselves from Harry and Meghan.”

Harry and Meghan moved on and they appear to be very happy with everything they have achieved, both in terms of finances and of the family they have built together.

“As a husband and father, [Harry] has done brilliantly. And when he and Meghan celebrate their six-year anniversary on Sunday they will pat themselves on the back,” royal expert Ingrid Seward told The Sun earlier in May.

“People said it wouldn’t last and it has! Harry is no longer feted in his homeland as he once was. If anything, he is pitied. I don’t think Harry can see it. He is happy in his rarefied world with Meghan doing what they do. Long may it last – and I think it will.”

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Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam also remarked on Harry and Meghan’s marriage, stating that they appear “very well matched” from the outside, but they can always do “the unexpected.”

“All I can say is that the optics [of their marriage] as far as I can see seem fine. The two seem very well matched now, whether or not that’s a favorable comment depends, of course, on your view of them. They have their fans. They’ve also now got quite a few activities, and Megan launching American Riviera Orchard,” he said.

“And of course, she has a program she’s doing for Netflix and Cochrane entertainments, and so forth. Harry, with his series on Polo. The trip to Nigeria, which as a private visit, certainly had the trappings of a sort of pro royal trip, but it went well. There’s no reason that it shouldn’t have – what they want to do in the future weeks and months – that is quite another question.”

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