Bride And Father Surprise Groom With Moving Song

Her voice is that of an angel, but it was Dad's lyric change to the song that had everyone in tears - including the groom. ❤


A wedding ceremony should be anything but ordinary. That’s the special day in the life of a couple who commits to love and cherish each other until the end of time.

Every girl’s dream is having a perfect picture wedding, starting from the wedding gown, the cake, the venue, the flowers, and everything that adds to the flawless event.

Mary Holand Tosse is a bride-to-be from Norway who added a pinch of awesomeness to her wedding ceremony and left everyone, including her husband-to-be, speechless.


The enchanting ceremony took place in a fairy-tale like lit church with huge wooden doors everyone was waiting to open and see Mary walking down the aisle by her father’s side.

As the church organ produced melody that warmed everyone’s heart, Mary did her part in treating her guests with a traditional song she performed as she was going towards the love of her life.


She pulled a microphone and began serenading her fiancé, as she was holding her bouquet of yellow roses and her father’s hand.

Both her beaded dress and her soft voice glistened as the touching words and the melody of the all time favorite “You Raise Me Up” echoed in the air.


The overwhelmed fiance Ronny can’t believe the amazing surprise. The guests are left in awe as well. This is just another proof that he hit the jackpot marrying this lady.

The way these two are looking at each other is how we want to be looked at by the one person we love.


This really is an incredible scene to witness unfolding in front of you.

Check the amazing video to see another surprise.