Grieving widow robbed while visiting late husband’s grave – Thief’s son repays his father’s debt

What a touching story!


Are most young people predetermined to become the sort of people their parents are? Most times, as we grow older, we realize that we resemble our mom or dad a lot. It is because we see their actions and tend to follow them, most times even without being aware of it.

Luckily, 15-year-old boy named Christian decided to take a different path in life than that of his father. As it turned out, Christian’s parents went separate ways some time ago and he didn’t get to see a lot of his father who was in and out of jail most of his life.

Christian was aware his dad wasn’t a good man, but his recent action shocked him and left him totally disappointed.

As it turned out, an elderly woman named Tona Herdon who has recently lost her husband got robbed while visiting her late husband’s grave. Someone attacked her and stole her pursue along with $700 which were inside. She reported the attack and someone was soon able to identify the attacker as Christian’s father.

The boy learned of the incident when he saw his dad’s photo on the news. He felt embarrassed. He saw his father a few days before the incident when he gave Christian $250 for his band trip, something Christian was looking forward to. However, knowing what his father did, he couldn’t help but wonder whether that money was Tona’s.

He felt that the right thing to do was reach out to her and give her the money. The two met at a parking lot and Christian explained that his dad gave him the money and returned $250 to her.

78-year-old Tona was deeply touched by Christian’s action. She was aware he wasn’t to be blamed for his father’s crime. She then took the money back. However, realizing how genuine Christian’s apology was, she simply couldn’t allow him to miss the trip that meant so much to him.

Believe it or not, she then offered the money to him.

This story is so touching that it brought tears to our eyes. If you want to learn more go to the video below.