Great Dane asks owner for a sandwich bite in the most hilarious way possible

This is hilarious. Aren't dogs the best?


Of all the friends a human can ever have, dogs definitely are the most precious. These animals aren’t just friendly and loyal, but very intelligent too. They will always stay by your side and be your best companion during your best and worst days.

Well, the only time they won’t listen is when you are eating and not sharing your food with them. Those who own dogs are pretty well aware that eating around them without offering a bite or two is practically impossible, because even if you don’t do that, they will come and get what’s “theirs.”

The man from the video below is trying to enjoy his sandwich, but his Great Dane is sitting right in front of him and looking straight into his eyes. Once she realizes she isn’t getting any of the snack, she starts barking, and according to many, the sound resembles a lion’s roaring.

And as if having one gentle giant observing the man’s every chew isn’t enough, the two other dogs want their portion as well. The best thing is, they are only getting a bite after they say I love you.

The video has been seen over 7 million times. Check it out below and see the reason why!