Ellie, an 18-year-old model with Down syndrome, stars in Gucci’s new beauty campaign

"Our goal is to redefine the perfection of beauty, disability and diversity,” the agency representing Ellie wrote.


Although the this world changes with only a gradual pace, people seem to finally understand that accepting the differences is what makes it a better place to live in.

In the past, fashion industries only featured flawless and good-looking models in magazines and on the runways, but as time passes by, they understand that one doesn’t have to be skinny and tall to be beautiful. As a result, famous fashion brands are now working with everyday people as their models and are embracing the differences.

Just take a look at Ellie Goldstein. This 18-year-old girl with Down Syndrome is one of the most famous Gucci models and not only people from her country of England know of her, but she’s gathering an international attention and thousands of followers on Instagram also.

Ellie was discovered when the company was looking for a model for their new makeup line campaign.

Just a glance at this lovely young lady was enough for Gucci to know she is just the person for them. After being chosen, she was part of the Gucci Beauty and Photo Vogue Festival.

The agency representing Ellie is the Zebedee Management agency which mainly represents models with special needs. ”Our models are beautiful! No ifs, no buts, no excuses. Talent and beauty don’t care how many legs you have or what condition you were born with,” their website says. The goal of this agency is “to redefine the perfection of beauty, disability and diversity.”

Ellie, who describes herself as “Passionate about drama, modelling & dance. Living life to the full & following my dreams,” has always wanted to be part of the fashion world, but little did she know this dream of hers would one day turn into reality.

Today, she is very successful at what she does and was even featured on the cover of the Glamour magazine in September of this year.

Her friends and family are extremely proud of Ellie’s success and say she totally deserves it because she worked hard for everything she has achieved so far.

“We’re all incredibly proud of Ellie and all the lovely comments she has had on Gucci’s Instagram,” her mom, Yvonne, told Channel5 News. “She has always loved being in the limelight and in front of the camera, she’s very confident and good at taking direction.”

Ellie is over the moon. “I really enjoyed the modelling and loved wearing the Gucci dress. I’m really proud of the photoshoot and would love to be famous. I’m looking forward to modelling for other brands,” she said.

Ellie’s story is inspirational and reminds us that we should never spot chasing our dreams. She’s now a role model of many young girls and boys who share her condition and teaches them that nothing is impossible.