Grandma gets glamorous new look

This has to be one of my most favorite ones yet. She looks like a completely different woman - and this new cut really draws out her eyes. She looks gorgeous.


Getting older means lots of physical changes. As the body gets old, the hair colour changes, the thickness of hair is not the same as it used to be and the face undergoes some major physical transformations. Add to this the weight, dry skin and wrinkles, you have the idea how the body looks like in the later stages of the life.

This  process affects all of us and it’s natural course of the things. Marianne from Minnesota, a 56-year old woman, is happy with her life. With healthy kids, loving family and excellent marriage, she saw some joy in the life. However, the only thing that she wanted to change a bit is her physical appearance.

For a very long Marianne did not need any make-up or treatment on her hair. She was satisfied with her look and her hairstyle. She was happy and glad that she didn’t spend a lot of time in salons. However, two years ago, something changed a bit. She decided that she needs something to freshen up the style and improve the physical appearance. But, she had a problem: she didn’t know what hairstyle and hair colour suit her best?  Therefore, she just kept the natural grey colour.

“When you’re sixteen or eighteen years old you get to try a whole bunch of cool stuff and find your own way. But there isn’t as much help out there to figure out what you should do when you’re getting older.”

Marianne’s idea was to reflect her inner happiness. Since she felt happy and satisfied inside, why not having the same look outside? Therefore, she decided to pay a visit the Makeover Guy – Christopher Hopkins. Upon arriving the salon, she had her well-known hair style. The pixie hairstyle her uncle suggested long time ago was inseparable from Marianne’s personality. But not for a very long time!

Christopher knows how to make women happy. With cutting the hair, applying new hair colour and little make-up, Marianne’s transformation is unbelievable. The new fresh style and her happy face say all. The new look opens up Marianne’s face and improves the self-confidence of the lady. Once again, there is the proof that age is just a number!

“When I got here I was feeling 56 going on 75 plus and now I feel like 56 going on 30 and it’s fabulous.”

Marianne adds:

“I want to be a glam gram ’cause I’m a new grandma. and I really feel like a glam gram.”

Many people do not even bother about the look when they get older. However, from time to time we have to freshen up our bodies. Having a new style or some minor physical improvements, may drastically improve our emotional status as well.