Girl walks nine miles to reach for help after finding collapsed horse on the ground

Her efforts yielded her a new best friend.


Animal lovers who strongly believe that every life matters are the reason why so many strays and neglected animals find their happiness and their forever home.

Kelsey Allonge and her mom were headed to a flea market when they noticed something lying at the side of the road. As they couldn’t just keep driving, they pulled over and decided to check on the thing. 

To their surprise, it was a starved horse in desperate need of help. 

Source: YouTube/ Travis A. Probst

The women’s hearts broke when they realized the six-month-old mare was severely neglected and beaten. One of her eyes was swollen shut, and her knee and backbone were damaged.

“Me and my mom were up to go to a swap-meet at 5:30 in the morning,” Kelsey recalls. “She just looked like a skeleton. We didn’t think she was going to make it. We just felt so bad for her, just overwhelming sadness.”

The horse, later named Sunny, hadn’t eaten in days. Thirsty, exhausted, and starving, she needed to be taken care of as soon as possible. 

Source: YouTube/ Travis A. Probst

This mother-daughter duo immediately canceled their plans and instead of going to the swap-meet, they headed back home to grab the trailer and transport poor Sunny to a safer place.

“For her just to lay there, she just gave up. We decided that there was nothing else to do but walk her home.”

However, this kind teen wasn’t planning on giving up on her.

Source: YouTube/ Travis A. Probst

Kelsey was determined to save this starving horse from her predicament at all costs.

However, it was impossible for the weak horse to get to the trailer so Kelsey decided to get her home by walking slowly, taking one step at a time. The trip back was more than nine miles long, but this animal lover would do anything to save her new friend.

“What kept you going, that whole way that you were walking?” a local reporter asked. “I guess just the idea that a life’s a life and no matter how small it is, she needed saving. My pain wasn’t comparable to what she was in.”

Source: YouTube/ Travis A. Probst

While driving to the swap-meet, Kelsey’s mom was supposed to take another route, but she took one wrong turn and that’s how they ended up on the road where they found Sunny. This has to be serendipity. 

Kelsey then finally arrived home with Sunny after four hours.

The horse was finally home but her injuries were severe and she needed some time to recover. Kelsey was determined to help Sunny continue with her life, and she even spent five nights sleeping with her at the stall, not wanting for her to feel alone.

“If she was going to die, she wasn’t going to die alone,” Kelsey s.

Source: YouTube/ Travis A. Probst

As you can expect, these two have developed a very special bond for each other.

“She’s just like my little baby,” Kelsey said proudly. “Sunny sees me as food, but she sees Kelsey as love,” the teen’s mom funnily added.

Sunny is now loved, happy, and healthy and has a great life ahead of her. 

Source: YouTube/ Travis A. Probst

Thanks to Kelsey and her mom, Sunny got a second chance in life. Isn’t this one of the most extraordinary rescue stories ever?

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