Girl Sent Home By Doctors To Pass Away Peacefully, Jesus Calls to Her, A Miracle Happens!

Doctors sent this little girl home to die in her own bed because she had a terminal illness that was deemed incurable. That night, a miracle happened that doctors simply can't explain


Jaime, who was Brittany Backenhaster’s mother said that her child was so “full of life” and enjoyed singing in church. One day, on the morning, Jamie found her daughter on the floor of her bedroom…

She was lay on the floor having some sort of fit, shaking and gurgling, she was actually having a grand mal seizure, Jamie was familiar with this type of seizure herself.

Jamie had control of her condition with medicine, but conventional means were failing Brittany completely, they began to lose sight of their hope that Brittany could live a normal, whatever that is, life.

Jamie took it very personally and blamed herself for all that was happening, she just kept thinking about how it was her condition she gave to her daughter, she even said it to the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Brittany had such severe fits that she had to wear a protective helmet, so when she had one of the seizures she had some amount of protection from injury, her medicine to try to help her was expensive too!

The strain of having a child that was sick was hard and took its toll both emotionally and financially, one stage Brittany had been in the hospital for three weeks.

Her brain scans showed that her whole brain was seizing, there was nothing they could do for her, doctors told the family to take her home and let her be relaxed and feel surrounded by things she knew at home in her final moments…

Jamie prayed all night long for her daughter, then in the morning, Brittany began to respond for the first time in a year!

The very first words she said were:

“Jesus! Jesus!”

She looked up at her mother and said that she had an encounter with Jesus, she described her experience vividly, not at all like a five-year-old normally would…

Doctors were completely surprised by what had happened, they said that she had a clean bill of health just the day after!

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Peace and Love

Bored Daddy