Girl rocks the public piano with unexpected companions

Thankfully this was all caught on tape.


Waiting for your family to get done with the long and pretty boring shopping trip to the nearest mall doesn’t have to be that annoying, at least not when there is a public piano nearby. Yes, this instrument can make your waiting time pass really quickly and make you have lots of fun no matter if you are willing to give it a try at performing on it or listening to other do it.

A teenage girl spotted a piano and quickly approached it. As soon as she put the tips of her fingers on the keys we knew something amusing was about to take place.

Passersby would stop to witness the unusual sight unfolding in front of them. 



The lovely teenager was into producing a lovely melody when another person got closer and wanted to play the piano himself. Was she fine with stepping down? Based on her facial expression, not really. She even tried to tell him to find his own piano, but after some time she let him play on it. 

Now the man was the one behind the instrument and the girl seemed to be a bit annoyed. But after a couple of minutes, she started clapping her hands to the rhythm of the vigorous and bold melody he produced. 

What was really going on in here? Was this going to turn into something more than just two ‘strangers’ fighting over the piano? Well, the onlookers didn’t really care, they just joined the performance by clapping their hands. 



Now things turned even more interesting when another person passed by and took part in the show.

He was wearing a uniform and a helmet and encouraged the girl to join the man who had overtaken the piano from her. It was three people, one instrument, and many smiling faces all around. 

People took the time to listen to the interesting sound they were making. This isn’t a classical piece of music, but something really funky that made everyone move to the rhythm, at least by nodding their heads.

But out of all the people, the guy sitting on the side of the piano is the best. He looks so confused, as though he’s wondering what is going on. Dead serious throughout the whole performance, he’s just looking at the players and the cheering crowd. However, near the end, he cracks a smile as sort of approval of the job well done. 



The man in the green jacket playing the piano is actually a piano teacher named Terry Miles.

But, the fun thing is that he’s not an ordinary teacher who teaches ordinary music. His style is called Boogie Woogie Piano, a musical genre that became popular during the late 1920s. Typical for this style is that it’s not strictly a solo, but extends to piano duo and trio, guitar, and even big band.

What Terry does is kind of unique because he encourages people to play and make music together, which is better than doing it all by yourself.

We really loved what these three piano players had to show to the dancing crowd. Did you like it too?