Giant Pit Bull looks after tiny puppy and melts millions of hearts

These two are cute beyond words!


Pit Bulls were considered nanny dogs back in the day because of their protective nature and their gentle hearts and personalities. Over the years, however, humans started using them as fight dogs and the breed was labeled aggressive, thus many believe that they are not suitable to be kept at home or around children.

But you know what they say, as much as the way children behave speaks of their parents, dogs’ behavior speaks of their owners. This is very true because dogs are highly intelligent creatures and easy to train, so if you show them love, they will give you love in return. Just take a look at the Pit Bull named Bentley from the video below. He is really huge compared to the new addition to the family, tiny pup named Yeti. Bentley takes awesome care of his baby brother and keeps him safe at all times. He may look rough, but he truly is a gentle giant who loves everyone around.


Animal lovers who have stumbled upon the cute video agree it’s too sweet for words. One person wrote, “So cute I nearly died of cuteness I loved when the puppy licked the dogs paw so adorable!!”

Yeti is one lucky pup, because who wouldn’t want to have someone by their side as loving and as caring as Bentley?

Take a look at them spending time together in the video below.