German Shepherd thought her soldier dad abandoned her, but then they met again

This made me cry with joy!


Being separated from someone you love for a longer period of time is the worst feeling ever. Sadly, that is what the families of many soldiers experience when their loved ones are deployed and away from home. The reunions, however, which are always filled with emotions, are worth all the waiting.

One solder has been away from home for nine months and not only his family, but his dogs too were eagerly waiting for him to come home. He knew his canines were probably wondering where he might be, so he decided to surprise them by waiting for them in the living room. Their reaction? Beyond priceless.

But although all his furry pals were happy to see their daddy, it is Freyja the German Shepherd who stole our hearts. She wouldn’t let the rest of the dogs get near as she wanted all the attention for herself. She just couldn’t contain her emotions and jumped in excitement asking for cuddles.

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