9-year-old sells paintings for food and supplies animal shelter

What a thoughtful thing to do!


Pavel Abramov from Russia is a young boy who makes a huge difference in the lives of many stray and shelter animals in his hometown.

Sweet Pavel has an immense talent for drawing and painting and he uses that in order to help the less fortunate.

Whenever he sells any of his paintings, he rushes to the local shelter and brings plenty of food for the animals there. The residents there are all very happy when they smell his presence, because that means treats and a time well-spent with someone who truly cares for their well-being.

Source: Instagram/Pasha Abramov

Being just nine, he does so much more for the vulnerable animals than any other person his age.

Sometimes, he offers his painting services in exchange for cat and dog food and a bunch of other supplies. His project is known as “Kind Paintbrushes.”

It first started when Pavel’s pet, Barsik, passed away. Pavel’s mom was very supportive of her son’s wish to help the animals because she could sense his heart was getting filled with sadness whenever he would see an animal in need. Not wanting his little heart to get broken every time, she decided to be there for him in his plan to feed as many animals as possible.

Source: Instagram/Pasha Abramov

The site “What a little volunteer is capable of” Pavel and his mom run is filled with beautiful stories of children like Pavel who make a change the best they can.

Source: Instagram/Pasha Abramov

The story of Pavel’s project has gone viral and influenced others to follow his steps. “Our family is proud of his wonderful project. His days are scheduled to minutes, he wants to do absolutely everything, there is just not enough time,” his mom Ekaterina said.

Source: Instagram/Pasha Abramov

Thank you, Pavel, for everything you do!