German Shepherd hears owner singing and decides to join in

This has to be the best performance of an owner and a dog you've ever listened to.


What would life be like without dogs? Honestly, I can never imagine not having my furry pal around. He makes my days and brings a ray of sunshine whenever he senses I feel blue.

Dogs are just awesome, and whoever owns one is probably nodding their head in agreement right now.

But, no matter how much you believe your dog is the best out there and has plenty of hidden talents and skills, it’s pretty hard to beat this singing German Shepherd named Maximus.

Apparently, his owner noticed that Maximus reacts to music in an interesting way; by joining in and singing himself. So, he decided to catch him on a video by offering a loud performance from under the shower and waiting for his dog to react in the usual way.

The addictive melody of Edward Khil’s “Trololol” fills the air in the house and that’s when the most amazing thing happens. Maximus starts singing along and it’s incredible to watch and listen to.

We do enjoy this duo very much. Pretty much like the rest of the people who’ve seen it and shared it. Yes, there are also those who believe Mximus isn’t in fact singing, but saying ‘nooooooo’ to his owner.

I guess you’ll have to watch the video and decide it for yourself. Enjoy!