German Restaurant Owner Bans Children Under 14 from Dining

Some people are very supportive - while others say the measures are a bit too drastic. What do you think?


Parents these days seem to be letting their children behave the way they want. They are not as nearly as strict as our parents were back in the day and that results in generations who don’t know how to act in public properly.

Well, one restaurant owner, Rudolf Markl, couldn’t put up with the unattended children of customers running around the place and doing what they please, disturbing other guests, so he dealt with it in a very unconventional manner. He simply forbade children under the age of 14 dinning at Oma’s Kuche (Grandma’s Kitchen,) and turned the place into an adult-only restaurant.

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Markl says how he had spent years of hard work to turn the restaurant into a nice establishment with a great atmosphere, but kids screaming and fighting there every single day seemed to be leading towards ruining all that. What frustrated Markl the most was the fact that no parent ever tried to calm their children down. They seemed not to care what their youngsters were doing and it was left to the place’s staff to tell the kids how to behave, which is something their moms and dads should have done before taking them out.

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The breaking point that led to his decision to ban kids from his restaurant was an unpleasant incident that took place recently. Namely, two kids were running around the place, and as their parents did nothing, he had to run after them making sure they don’t bother the rest of the customers. However, they wouldn’t stop making a mess and one of them broke some antiques that were very expensive and of great value to Markl.

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The pieces of history were smashed right in front of Markl’s eyes.

What was most frustrating of all is that the parents barely apologized, defending their kids because, you know, they are just kids.

However, no matter how angry and frustrated Markl was over the incident, it was something that he could use to back his decision for not letting children in.

He was happy now, but also knew that banning children at all times could affect the business, so he decided they were allowed at the restaurant but only until 5 p.m. This way, at least the evenings would be calm and enjoyable for the customers.

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As expected, many parents weren’t happy with this ban and said their children were discriminated. And as it turned out, the German law says the same. But even though he knows his no-children policy could be ruled as being illegal, he’s not willing to let go of it, even if that means spending time and money in court.

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We are not yet certain what will happen in the future, but as for now, Markl can enjoy his quiet nights at his restaurant.

It looks like other restaurant owners, including some in America, are sharing Markl’s opinion and are establishing similar policies. Take a look at the video below to learn more.