Garbage Man Kicks In Front Door Saving Elderly Couple from Fire in the Nick of Time

This man is truly a hero.


Our greatness as humans is best seen when we face situations we have to deal with at the best of our abilities. The story of a garbage collector from Ceres, California is a reminder that real life heroes do exist and they are all around us, making this world a more beautiful place.

Facebook / Ceres Fire Department

Patrick Lebow was on the job, minding his own business, when he noticed a house got caught on fire. This brave man didn’t hesitate even a bit before he rushed to check whether there was someone in there or not. The residents of the place, an elderly couple, were trapped inside the burning place. Patrick managed to break in an take the husband and the wife to safety. If it wasn’t for his brave deed, they would likely end up dead.

When Ceres Fire Chief Kevin Wise and his team arrived at the scene, there wasn’t much left to be saved as the house was all engulfed in flames. That’s when they noticed someone had broken in before them.

“He (Patrick) felt a need to act,” said Chief Wise. “He saw that they needed some help.

Many praised Patrick for what he did and dubbed him hero, but this humble man says he only did what everyone else would in his place. We, however, believe it takes courage to act as quickly as he did.

The video of the fire posted by the fire department was later shared on the social media. You can take a look at it below.