Four dead in murder-suicide after ex-cop kidnaps his daughters and goes on the run

Rest in peace.


41-year-old Robert Vicosa, a former Maryland police officer and a father of two, abducted his two daughters, Giana, 6, and Aaminah, 7, with the help of a fellow ex-cop Tia Bynum, 35.

Unfortunately, after a manhunt, the girls, along with their abductors, were found injured and dead inside the SUV in what was described as a murder-suicide.

Before the kidnapping took place, Vicosa held the girls’ mother at knifepoint. Reports are she was assaulted as well.

Vicosa and Bynum also kidnapped a random man on Wednesday and forced him to drive them 14 miles around Baltimore as they committed several crimes. Eventually, they released him without causing him any harm, according to Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt.

When the police came across a vehicle which matched the description of the one involved in the crimes, they attempted to stop it but the driver continued across the Maryland state line, veered off the road and crashed into a fence line.

As police officers approached the now crashed vehicle, they noticed three people dead at the scene. One of the girls was still alive and she was rushed to hospital but later died due to the severity of her injuries.

It still remains unclear who killed the girls before committing suicide. Whether it was their father or his friend Tia remains unknown. What we know is that four people lost their lives.

NBC reported that now late officer Vicosa had been a sergeant with the Baltimore County police, but was demoted to officer before getting fired earlier this year. His friend Tia Bynum who worked in the police department’s criminal investigations bureau and also died in the shooting was released from her job on Wednesday, prior to kidnapping Vicosa’s daughters.