Footage shows the moment heroic teen saves 6-year-old from wild dog

This teen's quick thinking saved the little boy's life.


Providing your dog with food and taking them out for a walk every now and then isn’t all what owners are expected to do. Dogs need to be trained as well. They have to be taught how to act around other animals and humans and to know they should never attack anyone.

Unfortunately, one of the neighbors of 6-year-old Mason Lindman never took the time to teach his dog these things and that resulted in this boy to be viciously attacked one day while he was out playing.

Mason tried to prevent an incident from taking place by reaching his hands towards the dog in a peaceful manner, but that wasn’t enough for the animal to calm down.

No one really knows what triggered such violent behavior at the dog. The rest of the kids got scared and ran away leaving Mason all by himself.

Sadly, Mason got bitten and was screaming in panic and pain and couldn’t protect himself.

“My son, he was just laying on the ground, I mean he’s six. Like he… He kind of knows what to do but… He’s never been put in a situation like that,” said Mason’s mother, Jillian Lindman.

Luckily, one very brave teen named Grant Brown found himself in the right place, at the right time and didn’t hesitate even a bit before rushing to help Mason.

Seeing Grant running towards them with high speed, the dog left Mason’s side and started chasing Grant. Mason could now get home, but Grant found himself in trouble. The dog was furious and ready to attack.

Eventually, the dog reached Grant who fell on the grass and tried to bite him. Grant got injured, but managed to escape.

Both Mason and Grant ended up at the hospital, but they will be just fine. Mason ended up with staples for his wound he sustained on the back of his head, while Grant had a deep cut on the hand.

“I looked back and my shoes came off, I tripped and fell, the dog was on top of me before I know it… And I knew that I had to keep his mouth away from me,” said Grant Brown speaking of the incident.

What Grant did for the little boy is truly heroic. Not everyone would provide help in situation like that where their life is in danger.

“I just want to give the guy a hug. There’s nothing I could do but just say thank you,” Jillian said.

Needless to say, Grant’s mom is proud of her son.

What we should all have in mind, however, is that there are no bad dogs, just bad owners who don’t spend enough time training their canines. This neighbor was fined for his dog’s action.

As for Grant, we should all learn from him and always be there for our neighbors.