Ryan McCuen is the man who went beyond his call of duty and showed kindness which made a difference between life and death.

This story took place a few years back, but it is so uplifting that it is worth sharing over and over again.

Source: CNN

It all happened when Ryan’s department where he works as a firefighter got what they call a “nonemergecy call.” On the other side of the line was a mother in distress who feared for her son’s life. Christy Stone explained that their electricity was cut off as they had fallen behind on payments to the local utility. Her son Troy, who suffers from muscular dystrophy and can’t breath on his on, could die if his ventilator and all the machines that keep him alive would eventually stop working.


Hearing this, Ryan decided to do what he believes anyone in his place would. He paid the family’s bill himself, all $1,023.76 of it.

Source: WXYZ

Ryan didn’t want people to know what he did. It was the Clinton Township Fire Chief Michael Phy who wanted this story heard.

We are so happy there are still people like Ryan there who restore our faith in humanity. May God bless you.