Who doesn’t love dolphins? They are super cute, friendly, and lovable. Apparently, dogs love them too. Well, if we are to judge by this fearless dachshund who went overboard when he spotted one jumping out of the water.

This cute event took place at the Banana River, near Port Canaveral, Florida while Gracie was taking a boat trip with the family.

It was Gracie’s owner Tina who first shared the video of the unusual but sweet encounter between her dog and the dolphin, but it was later re-posted on the Kyoot Animals channel from “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” That’s when more people saw it and made it viral. Well, all for the right reasons. I believe you haven’t seen anything cuter in a long time.

The family explained how Gracie loves herding goats so when she spotted the creature coming out of the water, she felt like she should go after it and chase it, too.

“I think she was trying to herd the dolphin like she does our goats,” Tina wrote. “I think she wanted to play.”

Or, maybe Gracie was just mesmerized by the beauty and the uniqueness of her new ‘pal’ the dolphin.

Anyways, the video will definitely make your day.