Father gives daughter an old car to teach her a valuable lesson

A father said to his daughter, 'You graduated with honors, here's a car I bought some time ago. But before I give it to you, take it to the used parking lot in the center, say you wanted to sell it, and see how much it offers you. ” The daughter went to the used parking lot, went back to her father, and said, "They offered me $ 1,000 because it looks very worn." The father said, "Pawn it." The daughter went to the pawnshop, went back to her father, and said, "The pawnshop offered $ 100 because it's a very old car." The father asked his daughter to go to an auto club and show them the car. The daughter took the car to the auto club, came back, and told her father...


When we are young, we always believe we are the ones who are always right, and as a result, we believe what our parents teach us is wrong. However, over time, we realize that they are the only people who would never do us wrong.

A father decided to teach his daughter a valuable life lesson when he gave her his old car as a gift.

One day, he approached her, handed her the car keys, and said, “You finished with honors, so here’s a car I bought back then. Take it to the center’s used parking lot, act as like you were about to sell it, and see how much the car is worth.”

The daughter did exactly what she was told.

But she soon returned home disappointed and told her father how she was only offered $1,000 because the car was old and looked worn.

The dad then said, “Pawn her.” But the daughter told him that she tried that already and the pawn shop owner only offered her $100.

Hearing this, the father persuaded her to take the car to an auto club.

She agreed, and to her surprise, someone at the club recognized the old Nissan Skyline R34 as a jewel and offered to buy it for $100,000.

It was then that the father told his daughter that he wanted to teach her something very important about life and told her, “I wanted you to know that the right place values you in the right way. If you are not appreciated, don’t get upset; it just means you’re not where you should be. Who knows how much someone would value you? Avoid going in a place where no one respects you.”

What a beautiful story, don’t you agree?

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