Farmer Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer Is Too Ill to Harvest Crops–So an Army of 18-Wheelers Steps In

If only there are more people like these neighbors, the world will definitely be a much better place!


An act of kindness by the friendly neighbors of one farmer got the attention of millions. When Larry Yockey from Ritzville, Washington was diagnosed with stage IV cancer, he was devastated. It meant he wouldn’t be able to harvest his crops that year as he had to focus on the treatments that would hopefully make him feel better. 

His 1,200-acre farm requested a lot of time and energy to be harvested and Yockey didn’t have any of it. 

However, when his neighbors learned of the sad news, they came up with this brilliant idea of stepping in and having his work done instead of him. 

Speaking to KREM Channel 2, Yockey said, “The cancer has spread to my bones, so I have a broken hip and ribs.”

At first, he didn’t want to admit that he couldn’t do the harvesting all by himself, but eventually, he told all his friends of the severity of his health condition. 

“I didn’t know whether I was going to be able to harvest like I did in years past,” Yockey said. “I finally had to tell them, ‘No.’”

Around 60 farmers from the region of rural Washington got together and made a plan on how to get the work done. Believe it or not, the whole field was harvested in just a matter of six hours. They used dozens of 18-wheelers and wheat combines. Mike Doyle, one of Yockey neighbors said how everyone involved was looking forward to be part of the work.  

Yockey was amazed by what his friends did for him. It truly warmed his heart and made his day. 

“It’s just awe-inspiring to see how fast these fields are evaporating now,” he said. “Just gratitude. It’s not describable the gratitude I have for what’s going on.”

The story vent viral and people from all over the country praised the kind people who stepped in for their friend in need. Three weeks worth of work was done in just a few hours and it left everyone in awe. 

If only there are more people like these neighbors, the world will definitely be a much better place as life is all about helping and caring for one another.