Family claim they were photobombed by a ghost on holiday

These young people went on vacation and took some pictures. When she got home, the girl studied the photos better and noticed something SCARY. "I started to tremble and cry. I was actually terrified of what I saw. I know clearly that...


Some people believe in the paranormal, while others don’t. However, no matter which group you belong to, the truth is that there are things that are hard to explain the logical way.

While on vacation, a woman named Rhynnice Trelfa, 28, snapped a photo of the group she was with. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary that day, but once she took a closer look of the photo, her blood froze. She spotted what resembled a dismembered hand sitting on a wall. She was certain there was no one standing behind them at the time the photo was taken. On top of it, there was no hand in another photo she took right after the controversial one.

“When I first discovered the abnormal hand I knew immediately that is was an unexplainable phenomenon,” she said.

“A shuddery feeling went all over my body, I started to cry, I had a lump in my throat, goosebumps. I was terrified.

“I know absolutely that nobody was behind us. Also, another photo that was taken only seconds afterwards shows no sign of the hand,” the woman added.

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Later, Trelfa learned that on the day the photo was taken, a body of a deceased woman was found at the site, Dovestones Reservoir, which turned out to have a dark history of deaths.

Eager to learn more, Trelfa took to the social media to ask for help from paranormal experts in an attempt to solve the mystery.

According to Trelfa, the hand was pointing to the man in the middle of the group, Trelfa’s former partner, who died some years later.

“After I uploaded it online I was messaged by a few mediums who said it belonged to a female with sort of connection to my child’s father.

“My father and I found there had been a long list of tragic incidents that have happened at the reservoir.

“The most recent of these blew my mind.”

Caters News Agency

“On the same day I posted the photo, a woman’s body was found in the same part of the reservoir.

“The question I have to ask: Is it a message from the other side?” she kept wondering.

“My belief is that the soul in the photo is somehow linked with us.”

“It’s very exciting to have captured something like this.

“I have always been a bit of a believer, but I hadn’t really experienced anything as solid as this.”

This story and the photo which clearly shows something that is had to be explained are chilling.

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