Family cat is snatched by two hungry coyotes – Rescue Pit-Bull saves the day

Such a brave boy!


Although it is a widely accepted fact that cats and dogs don’t get along, the relationship between some felines and canines may truly surprise you. When they are “forced” to live under the same roof, these seemingly different creatures can in fact form a very strong bond and become really good friends.

A story of a Pit Bull who sacrificed his own life in order to save that of his fellow cat friend went viral and spread positivity among millions of people.

It all started when the cat’s owner, Pam Taylor, heard strange noises coming from her yard. She rushed to check what was going on when she noticed two coyotes trying to hurt the family’s cat, Kitty. One of them was holding the helpless animal by the neck and was shaking it.

Pam started yelling and went to tell her husband Greg about the emergency. He immediately started running towards the yard, but was stunned by the sight he came across.

The family dog, Pit Bull Jack, whom they recently adopted and who never seemed to be interested in becoming friends with Kitty, was outside, trying to rescue his feline sister. Jack managed to scare off the coyotes and bring Kitty to safety.

While Kitty suffered brain swelling and lost one of her teeth, and Jack ended up with few scratches from a bite, the two didn’t suffer any life-threatening injuries and are recovering just fine.

Pam and Greg are thankful to their dog for saving the cat. They say that in the past, the animals never spent time by each other’s side, but ever since the attack happened, Jack is looking after Kitty every minute of every day.

What a beautiful and touching story of unusual friendship and bravery!

For more go to the video below.